The inventor retains ownership of the patent(s) and therefore controls the campaign. IPCL serves as an outsourced service provider to manage licensing and any litigation that may be required to compel licensing negotiations.

The inventor/owner transfers the patents to a third party, typically an NPE, which will focus on and manage the monetization campaign. IPCL will manage the transfer to the third party, and will continue to manage the monetization process. One advantage to clients is that indirect licensing can yield upfront cash payments in addition to percentage participation in gross recoveries or ownership in the venture.

IPCL uses proven enforcement strategies that encourage companies to settle quickly rather than engage in lengthy and expensive litigation. Our experience illustrates our ability to litigate and win.

Sometimes the best way to monetize a patent is by developing a product. IPCL provides services and assistance in finding business and investment partners to universities, companies, and individuals to develop commercial products protected by patents.

We Identify obstacles and underdeveloped areas within technology landscapes for future development programs, and partner with companies and capital managers to evaluate areas that have been highly developed.

IPCL will engage in a patent-centric strategic conversation with your business development and domain experts to understand the area(s) of focus and business development strategy. IPCL will assess your company’s current IP strategy, through a review of patent filing histories and invention disclosures.