From organic growth, to licenses and purchases.  We help you grow your IP portfolio – quickly, cost-effectively and wisely.  We develop and implement IP acquisition strategies for clients of all sizes.
We can also work with our clients as buyers and assist them in locating patents of value that we can acquire on their behalf, anonymously if needed, generally at much lower prices than if they went to the seller directly.

Over the years, we have turned IP liabilities into productive assets and returned millions of dollars in cash to our clients as a result of our brokerage or licensing activities.  Most businesses are sitting on underutilized assets that are just waiting to be put to better use and generate cash. At IP Commercialization Labs, we provide full patent brokerage services to both buyers and sellers of IP. To date, our principals have returned tens of millions of dollars to IP owners by helping them identify, market, negotiate and close patent sale transactions. As we identify underutilized assets in your portfolio, we can help you turn those into cash by selling them via our brokerage services. Leveraging our worldwide network, we can determine who the potential buyers are and their interests.  We assist you in valuing and pricing your assets so that they have the best chance to sell and for the highest price. Our aim is to align your IP with your business strategy in a way that maximizes value you.

The ecosystem now offers a plethora of opportunities (distinct from the traditional “invention-protection-production” route) to generate a return on the investment made in IP.

Technology and intellectual property (IP), such as a patent portfolio, are critical intangible assets for innovative companies. To successfully manage and communicate these assets, a company must first understand how the assets create value.

IPCL’s value models provide this understanding and answer questions like:
What is our IP worth? What is our technology worth?

To whom?
How can we increase this value?
How can we mitigate IP- or technology-specific risks?
How much should we charge to license our patents or technology?
Which opportunities have the greatest potential?
How to communicate this value to external stakeholders, e.g. investors, potential licensees, etc. via a strategic Messaging Strategy?

How much should you pay to acquire a given patent portfolio?
Should we invest in a given company (including distressed operations) with potentially “strong” IP assets?

IPCL’s models are informed by our experience in IP strategy and monetization in a rapidly evolving landscape. The models can be designed to inform one-time decisions, or they can be built as tools that support recurring analysis.

Our team of technical consultants and IP experts help you identify patent assets that have significant monetary potential, and also help you reduce the cost of maintaining your portfolio.

Our patent-mining solution provides an attractive alternative to traditional methods currently used to identify your “Rock Star” patents. We offer a minimal-risk, mutually-beneficial service to give you an objective assessment of the strongest opportunities for monetization.
We have deep technical, legal and financial expertise and can act as a high-value extension of your technology transfer and IP commercialization department. Our experience ensures that the assertion of your intellectual property rights is performed to high standards.

Our team of technical consultants and IP experts help you identify patent assets that have significant monetary potential, and also help you reduce the cost of maintaining your portfolio.
Identify Strong Assets
Patent scoring based on multiple parameters
Expert, industry-informed opinion on each patent
Assess Industry Applications
Detailed patent – product maps to portray industry use
Develop enforcement opportunities and strategy
Optimize Patent Portfolio
Identify high-cost and low-value patents using cost index filters
Direct resources to highest value assets